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Oad Siebensee

Oad Siebensee’s acoustic visions, which have cosmic roots and initiate in the in the transcendental reality, are messages on the intellectual level of our existence.

Created utilizing purely synthetic sound elements, he translates these into a higher kind of listening experience that emphasises the sound of contemporary electronic music.

The intuitive and inspirational work and tireless development of this tone language into unique magical atmospheres, sometimes more or less exotic moods and rhythmically melodic progressions, is a special feature of the compositions of the exceptional artist Oad Siebensee.

Although Oad Siebensee is a representative of the electronic music scene, just like Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, or Tangerine Dream; his work is especially characterized by his consistent, independent, autodidact and unswerving manner, and each piece of his music is clearly a pure Oad Siebensee composition.
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